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  • Thanks so much, you have all been so helpful at instagopher from the very beginning with the ease of ordering, to the delivery. The delivery guy brought all of our items. Awesome service we will definitely be ordering again for our next visit.

    Maria Jacobs

    Atlantis The Reef
  • This is a wonderful service and the driver was very prompt. Nice to get this service in a place like the Bahamas. The prices are much better than the resorts offer. I will use your company on my next family trip to the Bahamas. Thank you very much.

    Leticia Richards

    One&Only Club Bahamas
  • I was very happy that upon my arrival I was able to have all of the liquor items that I ordered delivered on schedule. I hope that they don't become complacent over time. Please keep up the good work.

    Jenna Walsh

    Atlantis Royal Towers
  • Over all I am very happy. The Customer service is great and the driver was very pleasant & on time. Although they didn't have two of my items in stock but they called me and asked about replacing it, which i didn't mind.

    Heather Vega

    The Royal Towers
  • I am very grateful for the wonderful service you guys provided this week! The staff and service was excellent. We will definitely be going back to stay at Harborside resort and will be using Instagopher during our stay. The delivery schedule was on time. Thanks for the terrific service. Also the wine selection was great.

    Susie Fowler

    Atlantis Harborside Resort

19 Item(s)

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